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17. 2022届毕业生饶奎继续在中南大学粉末冶金国家重点实验室攻读博士学位,胡静欣签约梧州一中,当一名高中物理教师。

16. 胡静欣同学的文章“Carrier mobility predicted by Born effective charge in Janus transition metal dichalcogenides monolayers”接收发表于International Journal of Modern Physics C。(2022-05-12)

15. 饶奎同学的文章”First-principles study on the solute-induced low diffusion and self-trapping of helium in fcc iron“接收发表于Journal of Nuclear Materials。(2022-02-20)

14. 梁佳的论文 “First-principles calculation for displacive phase transition of atomic-scale precipitates in aluminum alloys” 接收发表于Physics Letters A。(2021.07)

13. 刘自然在湖南省信息化教学比赛中荣获一等奖,参赛项目是“《热力学与统计物理》可视化教学”。(2020.11)相关资料:教育技术专业委员会师大新闻赞助方简讯

12. 梁佳(2018级硕士)签约工作,广州顺德一中教育集团(2020.9)

11. 郭鹏生的论文被JPCM接收(2020.3)

Pengsheng Guo, Jia Liang, Benliang Zhou, Weike Wang and Ziran Liu*, Strong anisotropy and layer-dependent carrier mobility of two-dimensional semiconductor ZrGeTe4, Accepted, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2020. DOI: 10.1088/1361-648X/ab808f

10. Jingxin Hu (胡静欣) joins us as a master student, welcome. (2019.9.1)

9. 小组成员在宁波大学参加多尺度模拟国际研讨会。2019.7.1 2.

8. 欢迎饶奎(Kui Rao)加入小组。2019.6.1

2019.6.14 小组拍摄于岳麓山

7. 第一届硕士学生毕业,研究二维材料边缘态的刘赡将去武汉大学刘正猷教授课题组攻读博士学位,而做传统金属材料研究的朱鹤雨将去中科院金属所陈星秋教授组攻读博士学位, 祝贺刘赡(红色T恤)和朱鹤雨(白色T恤)!(2019.5.24)

6. The paper titled “The preferred slip plane of nuclear material of Hafnium: A first-principles study” with Heyu Zhu (朱鹤雨) as the first author was accepted by Computational Materials Science. (2018.10.25)

5. Shan Liu (刘赡) has been awarded a Quantum Frontier Graduate Prize in recognition of his poster presentation in the conference of Quantum International Frontiers, Changsha, China. (2018.10.21)

4. Shan Liu (刘赡) wins a National Scholarship for Postgraduate/Graduate students (研究生国家奖学金), congratulations. (2018.9.27)

3. Jia Liang (梁佳) joins us as a master student, welcome. (2018.9.14)

2. Congratulations to Shan Liu, his second paper named as “Hybridization induced metallic and magnetic edge states in noble transition-metal-dichalcogenides of PtX2 (X = S, Se) nanoribbons ” was published at PCCP. (2018.8.18)

1. The paper named “Tailoring the stability of twins in magnesium with solute segregation at the twin boundary and strain path control” with Heyu Zhu (朱鹤雨) as the first author was accepted by Computational Materials Science. (2018.5.1)